Book of Mormon geography, evidence, land and map, true and definitive with DNA archaeological evidence

Book Mormon geography evidence map land

The Book of Mormon geography map and lands, locates Zarahemla, Cumorah, narrow neck, and the promised land.


The Book of Mormon geography, evidence, land and map, true and definitive with DNA archaeological evidence is a scripture based Book of Mormon geography and is not limited to Mesoamerica or some very small isolated land at the Great Lakes. This book locates everything from the narrow neck, to Zarahemla, from Cumorah, to the Land of Promise, Bountiful, and more.  All are located with maps in this true version of the information with evidence and DNA info. This correct Book of Mormon geography evidence was written by Peter Covino from the basic information given to him by Virginia Elieson. The book “A Promised Land, The Land of Promise“, includes several maps which are available at and a FREE appendix is also available here showing what is fact along with several references for external proof like DNA for those who need more than internal evidences.

This is the only geographical setting that actually works while you are reading and following the Book of Mormon.  All others run into a problem sooner or later that can not be explained or resolved.  Or in the words of Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith, “It is preposterous” to believe that the Nephites did not live in the United States.

There are those who have tried to say that this Book of Mormon map is incorrect by leaving out and miss quoting the contents of this book and assuming that their analysis is more correct.  I suggest you look at the facts list which is a FREE download at this site and see for yourself.  In personal discussions with many of those opponents, they have all failed when confronted with several of these facts and they have been shown how and why their layouts do not work. They then give up communicating with us.

With the many theory’s about the location of The Book of Mormon lands, it is interesting to note that this map hung in the offices of the church for over 20 years.

It is interesting to note that since Alpha Publishing first published this book and map in 1986, NO ONE (except several of the general authorities), agreed with it.  Now with overwhelming evidence from DNA and other scientific and archaeological evidence others have begun to promote a new scenario for a setting in America which has shown this to be the most accurate map.  Many now have agreed with it and most members who look at the limited Mesoamerica ruins now recognize that they are not Nephite ruins as Hugh Nibley has always also said.   However this one map is still the only correct geography. Not limited to a few hundred miles of land around the great lakes or just mid-America but as Joseph Smith said, from coat to coast as he new the two oceans.  

I do not offer tours to promote my endeavors and to sell books. It is here for you to better understand the scriptures as you read them, not to make a profit off of non Nephite ruins in Mexico or other locations.